The "war on terror" is violent and promotes more terror: We need dialog to solve the conflicts

Let us build a global alliance, to stop the war on terror and demand (and start) a way according to the UN-Charta: Conflicts must be solved peacefully. We remind the statemen of Peter Ustinov: War is the terror of the rich, Terror the war of the poor. Both are equally wrong and shameful, create to much destruction, death, sorrow, poverty, need and fear. Video of the IFFW-Networking-workshop with Andreas Zumach.

Wenn du nur Deutsch sprichst, hier ein Video von Andreas Zumach in Deutsch: Nach Afghanistan-Debakel setzen NATO-Staaten den völkerrechtswidrigen "Krieg gegen den Terror" fort (

Aufruf: Europas Strategie zur Terrorismusbekämpfung überdenken und dem Dialog Vorrang zu geben (

join us building a movement:


A call to rethink Europe's 'counter-terrorism' strategy and prioritise dialogue (

"War on terror" is itself terror and promotes terror, violates international law: It must be ended (

Let´s find ways to end the war on terrorism - how can we form an international network for it? (

Two Millionen people already killed: Time to end the US-selfnamed War on Terrorism, which is terror (

How to Destroy a Nation in 10 Years: This is done in our names: Burkinabe blood is on our US-hands (

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