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Information and discussion with Ghanaian Godwin Maulepe of the Departure-Movement: Fix the country

The journalist Godwin Kweku Tetteh Maulepe, a motor of the movement, is a guest at the International PeaceFactory Wanfried until the end of January.

Next Tuesday, Jan. 17, he will present his work and "Fix the country" at 6 p.m. at a Zoom conference. The link:

The meeting will be held in English.

The opportunity to meet Godwin in person before his return to Ghana and to exchange ideas will be on Saturday, January 28 at a meeting in the International PeaceFactory Wanfried; for participants:inside from outside we also have sleeping facilities. The meeting will take place in 37281 Wanfried, Bahnhofstr. 15. Phone: 0176-43773328.

Below you will find links to some articles based on his information on our blog about "Fix the country" and ideas for possible future cooperation.

But first, here is a word about the meeting from Godwin Kweku Tetteh Maulepe.

My name is Godwin Kweku Tetteh Maulepe, I am from Ghana, I work as a journalist and I am involved with "Fix the country" to improve Ghana. I am looking for a collaboration with you

I am managing (Executive Producer) the production of a political television and radio program in Ghana (ONUA TV ONUA FM CHANNEL). We got so much publicity that the leading media company in Ghana, MEDIA GENERAL GROUP, gave us a broadcasting slot and sub-stations like ONUA TV, ONUA FM, TV3, 3FM, Connnet FM, Akoma FM.

The much watched program Onua MAAKYE with Captain Smart (my host) repeatedly exposes malpractices by the Ghanaian government and ruling class to provide a good life for the masses and prevent migration. The station has been hit with court cases, all of which it has won so far.

My team consists of 25 members who all contribute to the success of making the country, Africa and the world a safer place."

Important background, showing how important it is to give our world a new orientation:

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