We need cooperation with US-Americans to get out of war and the danger of war.

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In the USA, it is openly demanded and discussed to wage war against China and Russia. In the two major parties in the USA, the conviction prevails that the USA has the right to dominate the world, by force if necessary. US director Oliver Stone: "The Democrats are at war, the Republicans for once (under Trump) don't want war - that's pretty crazy. Because normally both major parties want war. If you're a pacifist, you don't have a choice in the US." (1) The peace forces don't have it easy: the influence of the forces that make money from war and armaments reach into every town hall, US President Eisenhower revealed (see below). Your influence of the arms industry was also described by sociologist C. Wright Mills (see below).

Since 1945, the USA has been the strongest economic power and, based on that, the strongest military power. And as the superior European military powers did until 1945, they also use their military and economic superiority to enforce their economic and political interests. Since 1945, they have not adhered to international law, as have the European states, which have waged many wars in their former colonies, especially against the independence movements in "their" colonies and also afterwards.

According to the UN Charter, war and violence have been prohibited since 1945 and must be resolved by all peaceful means (https://unric.org/de/charta/).

The public believes that the West stands by these values: Why? The media make us believe that Western politicians stand by these values because they always criticise the use of war and violence; albeit on others. On the other hand, they remain silent about their own violation of these values.

However, there were and are US-Americans who know and criticise these violations and who stand up for the fact that US policy also has to adhere to international law. Individual intellectuals, former soldiers, who have experienced the hypocrisy of US policy because of their war experiences, the contrast between proclaimed values and the measures that contradict them. And there are platforms on the internet and also organisations that struggle for political influence and political majorities for peace.

The same is true for Britain and Canada. We consider it essential to cooperate with these forces and to learn together how to reach people with the message that all of us worldwide, including the US, will become victims if climate destruction continues, if more states are destroyed with the wars and even if nuclear war occurs.

The confrontation policy is possible for the ruling parties mainly because the US-Americans are constantly kept in fear of Al Qaeda, Putin, China, etc..

However, this can be counteracted by building trust on a social level between US-Americans, Chinese, Russians, Muslims or Africans and by their exchange of knowledge and opinions on a personal level. In this way, we can counteract the influence of the media, because people can form their own opinion about people from other countries or with other religions or skin colours.

We Europeans can be good mediators in this. And the internet, foreign languages and migrants who can build bridges give us more means for this networking than ever before. So the dangers are greater than ever, and so are the chances of coping with them. But as Kant said, this costs work, peace work, because peace has to be worked for and is not given to us as a gift. Let's get to work and create the ground for a peaceful world:

Here are peace forces we know in the USA:

Always very up-to-date information site: antiwar.com

Organisation for International Cooperation to Banish War: worldbeyondwar.org

Women-led and very courageous and committed peace initiative: https://www.codepink.org

Critics of US imperial policy

William Blum, unfortunately deceased, but his contributions and books are very enlightening for the time after 1945: https://williamblum.org

Prof. Noam Chomsky: https://chomsky.info

Peter Kuznick: https://www.usnews.com/topics/author/peter-kuznick

We would also like to remind you of the sociologist C. Wright Mills, who tried to inform US society about the dangers in a situation comparable to today:





a former politian and his institut with an antimperialistic approach:


the anti-war activist, war veteran and former congresswoman,

Tulis Gabbard: https://www.tulsigabbard.com/

Danny-Sjursen, former US soldier, activist and author: https://www.internationalpolicy.org/people/Danny-Sjursen

Veterans for Peace: https://www.veteransforpeace.org

Afro-American organisations and media:



Critical television channel: democracynow.org

Critical internet platform: counterpunch.org

Anti-war movement in the UK: https://www.stopwar.org.uk

peace project of Jeremy Corbyn in UK: https://thecorbynproject.com/

Critical platform in Canada: https://www.globalresearch.ca

on youtube you find speaches and reports from the mentioned activists and associations.

If you know of other important sources or contacts, let us know:

(1) https://www.nzz.ch/feuilleton/oliver-stone-am-zff-obama-war-ein-schwacher-praesident-ld.1513797

Let us remember these important insights given to us by US President Eisenhower, albeit with blood on his own hands, such as when he ordered the assassination of Congolese Prime Minister Patrice Lumumba:

Anti-War Movements, From Vietnam to Today

50 years after the movement against the war in Vietnam reached its peak, students explore that movement - and consider why we don't have a more powerful anti-war movement today.


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