Ukrainians are discriminating African students and stop them from leaving the country

"We are black, that's it": Students from Africa complain of racism at the border to Poland. Black people say it is much more difficult for them to cross the border from Ukraine into Poland. But both countries deny the accusation of racism. Here are reports and videos about it:

Jean-Jacques Kabeya is angry: like other foreign students in Ukraine, border officials would not let him leave. "They told me: 'You're going to fight with us, you're not leaving - especially not as a black man'," the 30-year-old from the Democratic Republic of Congo says. Kabeya was studying pharmacy in Kharkiv in the east of the country. When the Russian attacks began, he fled to the west and reached the Schegyni checkpoint on the border with Poland on Sunday evening.

Ukraine is a popular destination for study abroad. About 16,000 African students live there, according to the South African embassy.

"Because we are foreigners, they treat us like dogs," says Mesum Ahmed, a 23-year-old computer science student from Pakistan. "We have been sleeping here on the pavement, but the Ukrainians don't care at all," he says indignantly.

A group of about 30 students from Cameroon lived in Kirovograd in the centre of the country until a few days ago. They report that they never experienced racism there. But with the start of the war, that changed, says Bryan Famini.

"At the stations and on the trains, we were systematically kept away from the seats," says the 22-year-old economics student.

The African Union expressed concern about the apparently "shockingly racist" treatment of foreign students at Ukraine's borders. Some countries said some of their nationals had been able to leave Ukraine in the meantime. Governments from South Africa to the Democratic Republic of Congo are trying to help their citizens. Some sent diplomats to the Ukrainian border to help students leave.

Ukraine: Studierende aus Afrika beklagen Rassismus an Grenze zu Polen |

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