NATO Secretary General Stoltenberg tells the untruth and thus justifies the encirclement of Russia

This threat and the breaking of the promise to the Soviet Union not to extend NATO beyond Germany to other Eastern European countries is probably the essential reason for Russia's war of aggression against Ukraine, which is contrary to international law. But was it right to break this promise and thus put Russia on the spot?

Spiegel: "A few weeks ago, NATO Secretary General Jens Stoltenberg appeared extremely confident. Asked by SPIEGEL whether Russia had been promised in the 1990s that Nato would not expand eastwards, the Norwegian stated firmly: 'That is simply not true, such a promise was never made, there was never such a backroom deal. This is simply false. (...) However, as the document proves, the British, Americans, Germans and French agreed that Nato membership for the Eastern Europeans was 'unacceptable'." "We cannot offer Nato membership to Poland and the others"

The German Newx-Magazine DER SPIEGEL reports on the discovery of documents in the British National Archives from 1991, which unequivocally show that at that time there was a consensus between East and West at the highest diplomatic level that NATO must not be expanded eastwards. Headline: New file finds support for Russian accusation.

Nato-Osterweiterung: Aktenfund von 1991 stützt Version Russlands - DER SPIEGEL

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