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Economic Update: A Story of War: The conflict between the US and China is getting very serious

The US made since 2018 85 military operations outside their country, China none. The US has 800 bases around the world, China 1. The US has a bigger military budget, than the the next ten countries (including China). Whom can we chacterize as aggressive and military driven?

Die USA haben seit 2018 85 Militäroperationen außerhalb ihres Landes durchgeführt, China keine. Die USA haben 800 Stützpunkte auf der ganzen Welt, China 1. Die USA haben ein größeres Militärbudget als die nächsten zehn Länder (einschließlich China). Wen können wir als aggressiv und militärisch motiviert charakterisieren?

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[S11 E41] A Story of War On this week's show, Prof. Wolff discusses how Amazon rips off small business and squeezes workers, US and China's military tactics, top mainstream economists grasp the deepening critique of capitalism, and how strikes at Nabisco and Kellogg expose capitalism's classic contours of class struggle. The second half of the show features an interview with Prof Talia Lugacy on her new independent film "This is Not a War Story" released by Warner Media HBO Max.

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