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Under the slogan "Fix the country," Ghanaians are demanding the creation of better living conditions

In the West African country, more and more people are holding politicians accountable and demanding a new constitution to overcome social inequality and better control politics.

In Ghana, a social movement strongly supported by young people is spreading to all parts of the country. It calls itself "Fix the country." It demands accountability from politicians for the state of the country, the favoritism of the wealthy classes and the great poverty of large sections of the population. It advocates the drafting of a new constitution to overcome social inequality and better control politicians. At the same time, the movement focuses on the local and regional level and demands action programs from democratic institutions. "Fix the country" is non-partisan and non-partisan and calls on all parties to contribute to improving living conditions.

Having initially emerged mainly in the south of Ghana and in the capital Accra, the movement has carried out ten weeks of education and mobilization work in the poorer and mainly Muslim north. In Tamale, the center in the north, an alliance of various groups now organized a demonstration for the demands, which was joined by many thousands of people.

The rally was led by Oliver Barker Vormawor, the organizer of the Fix the Country movement.  Addressing the demonstrators Saturday, he said the constitution, which favors those in power and impoverishes the poor, must be repealed to hold political leaders accountable.

He called on youth to rally behind the cause and fight for justice, urging them to send delegations to their respective party offices to make statements to the leaders and demand a new constitution from them.

She action at least achieved that Mohammed Abdul Sallam, the regional secretary for the north of the National Democratic Congress NDC, the largest opposition party, said the party's members consider the demand for constitutional change worthy, adding that the party must openly join the demand for social justice. 

He said the protest would send a signal to the government that citizens are suffering.

According to an article from Ghana Business News and information from journalist Godwin Kweku Tetteh Maulepe, who is currently in Germany and works at radio and television stations that helped instigate and promote this movement. Thousands of youth join 'Fix the Country' demonstration in Tamale - Ghana Business News

#FixTheCountry demo: concerned Ghanaians protest for better conditions in the country

Oliver Barker Vormawor, initiator of Fix the country, who has now also spoken in Tamale:

Oliver Barker-Vormawor charged with treason and remanded in custody for 2 weeks

Magistrate orders expulsion of Oliver Barker-Vormawor from courtroom after heated exchange of words

Oliver Barker Vormawor released on bail

Mawuse Oliver Barker-Vormawor (Oliver, a Ghanaian) is a Cambridge-Africa PhD student at the Faculty of Law.

He is a governance advisor with significant law and policy expertise in various African countries, in the United States and within the United Nation’s System. He has been frequently engaged to interface with private businesses, legislators, governmental ministries, agencies and departments in several countries, and in various capacities including in the law and policymaking process or to obtain regulatory or governmental approvals required for various international transactions. Oliver also has significant consulting experience with various international and multilateral institutions such as the World Bank, UNDP, DFID, OSIWA, ClientEarth etc.

Prior to commencing his doctoral programme at the University of Cambridge, Oliver held various roles in the Private Sector, in Government, and with the United Nations. Oliver has worked as a Diplomat in the Foreign Service of Ghana, Senior Legal and Policy Officer at the Office of the President in Ghana, Judicial Fellow to the Vice President of the International Court of Justice, Legal Officer at the United Nations Headquarters in New York USA, and as Global Law and Policy Advisor at the headquarters of the international law firm Covington & Burling LLP in Washington DC, USA. Between January 2010 to December 2011, Oliver was also engaged as a Constitutional Researcher and the Access to Justice Advisor to Ghana’s Constitution Review Commission, which was appointed by the President of Ghana on the advice of the country’s Attorney General to assess the strengths and weaknesses of Ghana’s 1992 Constitution and to make recommendations for a possible amendments to the Constitution. Oliver’s illustrious services to the Commission saw him awarded by the Commission for his “Extra-Ordinary Services as Researcher to the Constitution Review Commission”.

Oliver has previous degrees from the Universite Mohammed V, Souissi, Rabat and the Universite Hassan II, Casablanca in Morocco, the University of Ghana, and Harvard Law School in the USA.

At the University of Cambridge, Oliver’s doctoral project will contribute to ongoing academic projects concerned with revising and strengthening global governance norms in order to enhance shared global prosperity as well as to bolster the contribution of developing countries to global governance. Specifically, Oliver’s research project seeks to deconstruct the “dispositionist” biases of international law in order to articulate a case for the reform of International law and policy and to explore ways in which developing countries can achieve and maintain a competitive edge in global governance frameworks. Mawuse Oliver Barker-Vormawor - Netzwerke von Evidenz und Expertise für die öffentliche Politik (

He spoke in Tamale at the last demonstration:

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