USA wants revenge again! Are they unable to learn: This will create more violence an conter-revenge

This will generate more violence because it will deprive even more people of their loved ones. We should make the Western rulers finally abide by the rule of law and respect other peoples as equal human beings.

US policy is incapable of learning: If they now want to avenge the death of their soldiers through the attack in Afghanistan, they will again strengthen the groups that rely on violence. They will again deprive many people of their relatives and in turn promote the desire for revenge for this. More people will join IS groups. This will also weaken Afghanistan and the Taliban.

Under the rule of law, Afghanistan is now responsible for investigating and punishing the perpetrators. This can and should be supported, but we should not interfere with violence again. Under international law, the USA has no right to do so.

If they had gone the way of having the attack investigated by an international court after 9/11, they would have had the whole world and also the vast majority of Muslims on their side. Hundreds of thousands would not have died in the wars. Millions would not have been made refugees. Trillions of public funds could have been used to achieve decent living conditions and stop climate destruction.

But they had other things in mind: to deprive the peoples in the Near and Middle East of the independence they had won after the colonial era. They wanted to be able to continue to dominate the resource-rich region and thus the world economy. For even the emerging China, Europe, Japan and all kinds of competitors are dependent on imports from this region in times of oil-based economies.

The USA - and NATO in its wake - used 9/11 to justify a new war in America, which was weary of war after the Vietnam War. Since the attack was not carried out by Iraqis but mainly by Saudis, Iraq could not be attacked and Saudi Arabia was not to be attacked: Whose Islamist monarchs accepted the domination of US interests to secure their own power in their country against democrats by the US. Afghanistan could be blamed for Al Qaeda maintaining bases there after their fighters from all over the world had first been mobilised there with the help of the US to be able to defeat the Soviet Union.

So they attacked Afghanistan even though the Taliban were prepared to negotiate the extradition of Osama Bin Laden if they were presented with evidence of his guilt in 9/11. The US did not do that, but bombed.

The Taliban just want to enforce the right for Afghans to make their own country. The IS and Al Qaeda want to end Western domination of the Middle East.

If we really want an end to the wars, we should grant the people of the region the right to self-determination - also over their resources. They must then find their own way. We can support human rights, women's rights, democratisation. But no longer want to impose them (also as a pretext for controlling raw materials).

A survey by the Gallup Institute showed that the majority of Muslims like Western values and also women's rights. But they are also convinced that the West does not want these values to be enforced on them at all, because it can best appropriate the wealth of their countries by cooperating with corrupt dictators (see below). Do Muslims perhaps know the West better than those of us in the West who are exposed to the Western media because they have concrete experience? The small minority of Muslims who justify violence against the West do so not because of their faith and the Koran, but because they believe they cannot defend themselves against the violence of the West in any other way than through violence.

So there are majorities in the Muslim world for a democratic world. We should cooperate with them and stop relying on war and violence, which make this cooperation more and more difficult.

Wolfgang Lieberknecht: Fix our countries, Fix our world campaign of the International Peace Factory Wanfried (IFFW)

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Gallup Poll of the Islamic World BY FRANK NEWPORT

The following is a summary of general findings from Gallup's survey of 10,000 people in the predominantly Islamic countries of Indonesia, Iran, Jordan, Kuwait, Lebanon, Morocco, Pakistan, Saudi Arabia and Turkey. The report is being released today at a Tuesday Briefing summit event in Washington, DC. Watch this page and other Tuesday Briefing topic pages in the coming weeks for more detailed findings based on this groundbreaking study. It is evident from the data reviewed in this project that the people of Islamic countries around the world have significant grievances with the West in general and with the United States in particular. The extent of these views has not been well documented before this time. There has been an enormous amount of speculation about the views of Muslims since Sept. 11, but little substantiation. The data reviewed in this project underscore the reality of the major perceptual gulf that exists between the West and the countries of Islam.


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