US-global-domination-policy: From the "war on terror" to direct confrontation with China and Russia

For 20 years, the forces that dominate US politics have used 9/11. They used the US sense of threat to implement their plan to use force to bring the "petrol station of the world" under their control. They wanted to use it to permanently secure their global domination. All possible powers that could demand equal rights, Europe, Japan, China, are dependent on the oil in the Middle East, even in the case of a military confrontation.

To impose this control in the oil-rich region, US politicians - usually in collaboration with other Western powers - have devastated states, killed hundreds of thousands, made tens of millions displaced and refugees. They have killed many civilians and thus turned many people into enemies of the West and have also done serious damage to the implementation of Western values: Claiming to want to implement Western values, such as democracy or human rights, they have done exactly the opposite, massively violated human rights themselves (such as torture), collaborated with brutal dictators and militias. They have thrown the people in many countries back into overcome violent conflicts and set many states back decades in their implementation of human rights.

They have not succeeded in asserting control of the oil-rich region to secure US global domination. The US and Western partners continue to wage war in many resource-rich countries. But they now seem to be preparing for direct confrontation with China. As China has overtaken the US economically, the basis for US domination is weakening. Economic power is the basis for political influence and military strength. And with each passing day, the US is getting relatively weaker. However, they still have a huge military superiority. Its use can not only lead to the destruction of China, but will probably destroy the habitability of the earth. The danger is acute that this will happen. It is to be feared that the prevailing political currents in the West will again ignore the warnings of the consequences of their "war on terror" in the same way.

The British anti-war coalition "Stopthewar" writes: "Yet despite the humiliating defeat in Afghanistan and the failure of the "war on terror", our leaders have learned nothing. Now we are witnessing an alarming escalation of tensions with China through a new partnership between the UK, US and Australia - AUCIS - a partnership that represents a significant military provocation in the Indo-Pacific region.

Stop the War has consistently opposed our government's aggressive foreign policy agenda. We have campaigned against the invasion and occupation of Afghanistan and Iraq, against the bombing of Libya and Syria, against support for the Saudi-led war in Yemen, and must now step up our campaign against the push for military confrontation with China.

We have also played a key role in combating Islamophobia and the erosion of our civil liberties that have predictably resulted from the "war on terror". This must continue.

Twenty years after the war on terror began, the need for a strong anti-war movement is as great as ever."

We need international networking. We can only prevent an attack by the USA on China or Russia together worldwide and we can only make the transition to an equal world together.

We know from the following organisations that they see the danger of a US attack on China as great as we do and hope to achieve international networking:

In addition to StoptheWar in the UK:

Codepink USA:

The Transnational in Scandinavia:

the British-Australian journalist and peace activist John Pilger is also very active.

If you would like to get involved in networking on this issue here in Germany and would like to join us in promoting international networking,

please contact:

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