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US fails to produce evidence of Russian fake video: Journalist recalls fake Iraq war justification

"You just say that and expect us to believe it without being able to produce even a shred of evidence that it's actually true," Associated Press reporter Matt Lee said.

"I remember weapons of mass destruction in Iraq": reporter criticises US official over claims about Russian intelligence. Some Western journalists have drawn conclusions from lies told by Western governments to justify wars of aggression in recent years. They have destroyed states and cost hundreds of thousands of lives and turned millions into refugees. One mistake the media made was to believe the governments. The German government has also lied. In the interest of life and peace, they must be asked for evidence and not simply believed and their claims should not be passed on without proof. Unfortunately, we do not yet have an international court that neutrally examines allegations, passes judgement on them and then imposes penalties. In particular, the US governments, as the strongest military power, we usurp the right to be accusers, judges and enforcers at their own discretion. The world community should put an end to this, and questions like Lee's lead in this direction.

Fake-Video-Vorwurf: Propagandaschlacht um die Ukraine - ZDFheute

'I Remember WMDs in Iraq': Reporter Calls Out US Official on Russian Intel Claims

"You just come out and say this and expect us just to believe it without you showing a shred of evidence that it's actually true," said Associated Press reporter Matt Lee.

JAKE JOHNSON February 4, 2022

Veteran Associated Press reporter Matt Lee grilled a State Department spokesperson Thursday over the U.S. government's refusal to provide direct evidence for its claim that Russia is planning to fabricate a mass casualty event as a pretext to invade Ukraine, an allegation that the Pentagon said is backed up by intelligence. During a press briefing, Lee asked the State Department's Ned Price—a former CIA official—to furnish concrete proof of the government's accusation, which suggests Russia is plotting an elaborate false flag attack involving a graphic "propaganda video... depicting corpses, crisis actors pretending to be mourners, and images of destroyed locations or military equipment." Lee said he has every reason to be skeptical of U.S. government assertions, given the lies that the Bush administration used to justify the invasion and occupation of Iraq. "I remember WMDs in Iraq," said Lee. 'I Remember WMDs in Iraq': Reporter Calls Out US Official on Russian Intel Claims (

Russia Denies It’s Planning ‘Propaganda Video’ to Justify Invasion

The US claimed without providing evidence that Russia was planning a video of a fake attack to justify an invasion of Ukraineby Dave DeCampPosted onFebruary 4, 2022CategoriesNewsTagsRussia, Ukraine

On Friday, Russian Foreign Minister Sergey Lavrov dismissed the US claim that Moscow was planning to make a “propaganda video” of a fake attack to justify an invasion of Ukraine as “nonsense.” In comments to Newsweek, Russian Ambassador to the US Anatoly Antonov said the allegation was part of an information war against Russia. “These lies are part of information war against Russia. For several months already, Washington has been agitating the entire world with claims that Ukraine is about to fall victim to “Russian aggression.” However, a mishap happened since there is no invasion,” Antonov said. Russia has been strongly denying that it plans to invade Ukraine since the US started making the claim in November. “I would like to assure Newsweek’s readers without reservation that Russia does not intend to attack anyone,” Antonov said. Washington made the latest allegation against Russia without providing any evidence. US officials only said that there was “intelligence” that suggested Moscow was planning to make a video and didn’t provide any more detail than that. It was the second time in recent weeks that the US baselessly accused Russia of plotting a false flag as a pretext to invade Ukraine.

Russia Denies It's Planning 'Propaganda Video' to Justify Invasion - News From

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