These huge problems faces Chinas political-economic system today

Democracy At Work Prof Wolff comments on the problems the Chinese version of "socialism" faces today. Their dependence on international exports, relationships with international corporations and a lack civil liberties are hurdles for China to face in the near future. "The Chinese government being a government of communists, at least ideologically opposed to capitalism, critics of capitalism, suspicious of capitalism, have a problem in having invited and enabled an immense, private, capitalist sector that can, and already has, bumped heads with the Communist Party and the government. How that plays out is a big problem for the future of China and one for which a solution is not yet clear yet." - Richard D. Wolff This is a clip from the November 2021 Global Capitalism Lecture: China - US’s First Real Competitor in a Century You can watch the full lecture here: Or listen to it as a podcast on your favorite podcast player!

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