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This is not our war! It is fought for their goals at our expense! Let´s contribute, to end it!

Not our war! It is fought for their goals at our expense! Engage to end it

Not our war! It is being fought for their goals at our expense! Let's join together to help end it before we too become a war zone and more people lose their lives in Ukraine. If you feel the same way and want to join us in seeking the answer to the question of how we can stop the killing, dying and destroying and being destroyed, then get in touch so that together we can help end the war! If you are committed, you can lose! However, it seems to us with this conflict: Who does not engage itself, will lose surely!

There are not few who share this opinion.

Let us not be deceived by the media and politicians, according to whose speeches and reports seemingly everyone is in favor of a victorious peace over Russia, because the opposing voices hardly get a chance to speak or are even defamed.

Almost every second person thinks that Germany should hold back on arms deliveries so as not to make the situation worse

Six out of ten want: The warring parties should now agree on a cease-fire and begin negotiations (In eastern Germany, 77 percent of respondents are of this opinion, in the west 58 percent)

Security through high arms spending: Approval has grown as a result of the media drumfire, but is still in the minority.

The petition organized in Germany by Alice and Sahra makes clear the dissatisfaction with the escalation course of NATO and especially the U.S. and the experience that the federal government, after some resistance from the SPD, always goes along in the end.

It is becoming clearer and clearer: Neither the federal government, nor the parties, nor the influential media will protect us from marching into an even greater catastrophe.

The petition started by these two brave women is a good start. But we must not delude ourselves: it will not make the warring parties change their minds.

We have to organize political power that creates an active and sustainable counterpole around which more forces can then gather.

What influence can we get and how?

Let's use our right to freedom of organization and form teams, nationwide and in the constituencies, and let's use our right to freedom of information and form a peace information pole.

We can use the right to freedom of demonstration to create visible peace poles on streets and squares.

Let us use our right to elect our parliamentary representatives: Let us seek public dialogue with the current representatives about what policies should be adopted. Let us struggle in this dialogue for a majority for the demand of an end of the arms deliveries, the end of the further involvement of Germany in this war and for the advocacy of the German policy for ceasefire and peace negotiations.

The influential media and confrontation advocates have created such an -against-Russia mood by hiding the past history of the war that most politicians who oppose the course hardly dare to take a stand. They would certainly have more courage if they were supported from their constituencies.

To form this pole, let us seek like-minded people in our constituencies and begin to struggle together for a political majority in the constituency.

Let us network nationwide to make ourselves as competent as possible and learn from and with each other how to create these majorities.

Let us network internationally with the peace forces in other countries that exist, in order to learn from each other and to struggle together for a political majority for ceasefires and peace negotiations, also with forces in the USA, Russia and Ukraine, but above all in the NATO countries, because that is our second homework (in addition to that in Germany).

All of this is a lot of work, and we do it on a voluntary basis. We can only do it in teamwork. And building up these teams is not easy, but needs people who have staying power.

But everyone can contribute to building this team. It is the way out of political helplessness. We suggest that you contribute with your strength.

Wolfgang Lieberknecht (Let's fix our countries! Let's fix our world!, International PeaceFactory Wanfried - IFFW)

remember the anti-Vietnam-movement, which also started small and after mllion died then could get worldwide influence this time we have to be faster.

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