The West provokes world war - let's oppose it before it's too late: what to do?

The West provokes world war - let's oppose it before it's too late: what to do?

With the entry of a warship into Russian-claimed waters off Crimea, Britain's government - probably on behalf of, or at least in collusion with, the US government - almost provoked a military clash with Russia. This time, the Russian government only had warning shots fired. Russia's government, however, has announced that it will fire live rounds next time. According to the NATO mutual assistance pact, all NATO countries would then be obliged to assist the NATO member under attack. This is likely to be the start of the last war of mankind. Russian President Putin has already threatened to use nuclear weapons in Ukraine if the USA were to attack Crimea. So the risk is tangible.

Now a Western fleet is on its way to waters claimed by China in the Pacific. There, Western ships could practise the same provocative manoeuvre with China in disputed waters. They will hope that the militarily inferior country - like Russia - will back down. But there too there could be a point of NO RETURN. China too has nuclear weapons and is allied with Russia.

Why is the West risking war? And this does not only mean the politicians, especially in the USA. It is above all the media that pushes for war. The USA has been waging wars for decades and hardly feels the war suffering in the USA that it causes in other countries. This is the only way to explain why they talk so casually about wanting to wage war against China and Russia.

The West is losing its centuries of global dominance. Its basis was the Western nation states and the monopoly on industry. They have lost the monopoly on industry. China has now become the workshop of the world. The country will use it to assert its interests more strongly as well. The times when the West can dictate are coming to an end. And the Western and above all the US and British elites do not want to accept this, even though the UN Charter prescribes binding cooperation between states with equal rights under international law. And prohibits war as a means of conflict resolution.

Every day, the West becomes relatively weaker due to China's rise, so they feel under pressure to stop the development. They still have their superior military potential to do so.

But unlike in colonial times and in its wars in the Middle East or Africa, this time the West is not dealing with opponents who cannot defend themselves. This time, the West is also threatened with catastrophe, as Western states have organised or are still organising in Iraq, Afghanistan, Libya, Somalia, Mali, Burkina Faso or Syria. If it comes to nuclear war, the West will also be destroyed, the people in the West will also lose their lives.

We citizens in the states of the West did not want or could not prevent the colonial wars. Relatively few people of the West - especially the soldiers deployed - lost their lives in them. The same applies to the recent wars in Africa and the Middle East. We have resigned ourselves too easily to the justifications for the wars. We did not put the politicians responsible for mass murder in Iraq, Afghanistan, Somalia or Libya on trial when it became known that their justifications for war were lies. Instead, we see that with Julian Assange, the one who helped to make the lies known is imprisoned.

In the conflict provoked by the West with China and Russia, however, things are different: this time our lives are also at stake.

Many suspect it, others write it, like the anti-war movement Stopthewar in the UK: it declares that the West is on the warpath with its fleet deployment:

The US anti-war site "" writes: "The US media is preparing for a fight with China, Russia - or both. In the commentary on the recent G7 and NATO summits and President Joe Biden's meeting with Russian President Vladimir Putin, there were many examples of the media alternately praising the Biden administration for starting new cold wars with China and Russia and criticising it for not being more aggressive. While propagandising that the US is supposedly fighting for democracy, this coverage betrayed a total indifference to the potential costs of these hostilities. Hostilities. Hostilities. Hostilities. Hostilities. Hostilities. Hostilities. Hostilities."

The initiative to ban war in the US points to the danger of World War III: When President Joe Biden left for a meeting with President Vladimir Putin, both major political parties generally encouraged hostility. The Hill newspaper sent out an email with a video of the film stonily demanding that Biden be Rocky in the ring with Putin. When Biden and Putin behaved almost civilly in spite of themselves, issuing a tiny little statement suggesting they might pursue unspecified disarmament, and Biden stopped calling Putin a soulless murderer, the two presidents then held two separate press conferences. At Biden's, no Russian media questions were allowed, but US media brought the craziness both ways. They hurled crazy accusations. They called for red lines. They wanted a commitment to war in response to so-called cyber war. They wanted declarations of censure and enmity. They wanted self-righteous revenge for the alleged 2016 election theft and enslavement of President Donald Trump."

We at the International PeaceFactory Wanfried have ideas about what we can do and would like to discuss this with you. If you want to discuss with us what we should do, get in touch and we will organise a brain-storming session to discuss how we can get out of danger.

I feel as described in the jdd song as a bound calf on its way to the slaughterhouse, watching the birds in the sky and asking why can't I fly so free. Let's learn to fly.

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Greetings in solidarity, Wolfgang Lieberknecht

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