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International Peace and Justice Project of the British peace activist Jeremy Corbyn - do we join?

Aktualisiert: 26. Mai 2021

Peace and Justice Project: Should we support and join this project? We should check it out. I saw Corbyn a few years ago when he was spokesman for the British anti-war movement "Stopthewar" at a Stopthewar conference in London. A few weeks later he was elected leader of the Labour Party, as a "backbencher" of the Labour Party caucus. He was part of the small minority of the parliamentary group who opposed the British wars of aggression and social cuts, which were supported by the party and contrary to international law.

Since then, I have been following his activities and believe that he is indeed a trustworthy international activist who has strength to initiate an international project that is simultaneously committed to peace, social justice, democratic self-determination and protection of natural livelihoods and is gathering forces for this. I think such networking is very urgent. We in Germany have no one of comparable political weight who is committed to global justice, social justice, refugees and peace. Only Willy Brandt, who also worked on international networking, especially through the Socialist International, which he chaired for several years, can perhaps be put on a par with him. Like Corbyn, Brandt only had the time to devote himself fully to international issues after he was no longer in government (or in the shadow cabinet) and was freed from the pressures emanating from there, which are primarily oriented towards success at the nation-state level.

We have gathered here what we could find on the net about the new project. Further down, we recall his very clever acceptance speeches for peace awards: In them, he sketches the contours of a foreign policy that is no longer oriented towards national-egoistic interests, but towards international law, towards the foundations of an intended peaceful post-war order decided in the UN documents, but which we have yet to implement and enforce. We have also found a video on the history of Jeremy Corbyn's political activities and one from more recent times on the political situation and the Palestine-Israel conflict.

If you want to stay in touch with us about the project and check if and how we should and can get involved, please send us an email.

Wolfgang Lieberknecht

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