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EU/NATO provokes Russia over Lithuania by breaking transport agreement - German Army in Lithuania

We read and hear that Lithuania's government is now implementing EU decisions and wants to partially block contractually agreed rail links between Russia and its Kaliningrad region.

I see this as a further dangerous escalation and the danger of the war spreading beyond Ukraine.

And Germany could now really be drawn directly into the war as a result, because the Bundewehr has soldiers stationed in Lithuania, commands NATO troops there.

In my view, U.S. policy has deliberately provoked the war in Ukraine by encircling Russia with missiles and expanding NATO. And it has deliberately exploited and escalated the historically developed East-West divide in Ukraine.

To secure its global dominance, U.S. policy wants, on the one hand, to weaken Russia so that it can then take on China. On the other hand, U.S. policy also wants to weaken the EU and Germany as competitors and their welfare state model (which, compared to the U.S., provides people with much more social security).

For the dominant neoconservative current in U.S. politics, Gorbachev's idea of building a common European house was an attack on their dominance: Russia's raw materials and Western European industry together would have undermined U.S. dominance in the long run, even more so if this bloc included China. (Already the direct and indirect US wars against Afghanistan, Iraq, Syria served to banish this danger to US supremacy: By conquering the "gas station of the world" on which china, Japan and Europe depend, US policy wants to prevent a powerful counter bloc).

U.S. policy did everything possible to prevent the implementation of the Charter of Paris, which was essentially initiated by Gorbachev: Building a democratic, social Europe common with Russia, which could have become a counter-model to the U.S.-British model of ruthless, anti-social rich free market.

They supported the overthrow of the uncorruptible "idealistic" Gorbachev by the naive and corruptible Yeltsin. They did not promote the building of a common security order with Russia decided in Paris, but expanded NATO under their leadership and for their supremacy, and extended it into Eastern Europe. Concerns of the German and French governments - and also in the U.S. - that this would lead to confrontation with Russia were ignored and pushed aside by U.S. policy.

And now we are faced with more and more ruins of the European house begun in 1990, ruins that have bludgeoned many people in Ukraine since 2014.

With the provocation in and over Lithuania, the rubble now threatens to hit other countries and Germany directly.

We need resistance in Europe against the progress of the demolition of the European house. We need a resumption of the construction of the common European house with Russia. This will only be possible against the dominating US-politics (but also with US-Americans). The currently dominating politicians in Europe do not dare or do not want this.

Let's tackle it, even if the dominant political currents in Europe let themselves be pushed further and further into chaos by US politics.

If we get involved, we can do it, if we don't, we will face more rubble every day, including each individual in their immediate lives. I see black when I see reality, but I see my opportunities and ours if we use our opportunities: Where there is a will to survive, we should find a way.

Do we want to walk it together?

Wolfgang Lieberknecht, International PeaceFactory Wanfried,


We invite you to a discussion on ZOOM about our possibilities for action with Reiner Braun from the International Peace Bureau (IPB) on Thursday, June 30, 7pm via this link:

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