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Do not rely on politicians alone. Every citizen must contribute to improvements. Okyeame Kwame

September 26, 2023 3:30 PM

Renowned Ghanaian musician Okyeame Kwame says fixing a nation starts with the self-improvement rather than solely relying on politicians for national development.

The musician's message comes at a time when political discourse and expectations are running high amidst the #occupyjulorbihouse demonstration.

Responding to a question about “Who do you believe will fix the country?” , Okyeame Kwame asserted that no single leader, no matter how capable, can single-handedly fix all of the country's challenges.

According to him, the collective impact would improve the nation if each citizen takes responsibility for improving their health, nurturing positive attitudes, strengthening their families, and excelling in their professions.

In his tweet, he declared, “You Naa you will fix the country. Starting with your health , then mindset , then your family, then your work . If we all start a small light in our little corners, Ghana will become bright. All the names you have mentioned can also light a small flame. However, Ghana cannot be fixed by one man . No messiah in politics.”

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