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After the destruction of the refugee camp in Ghana, thousands are homeless and destitute. Most are seeking support to return to their home countries. Online with affected people: 7 pm (Ghana 5 pm)

Link for participation:

PeaceFactory for Africa: 97 per cent of the buildings in the Buduburam refugee camp in Accra have now been demolished. There are only a few houses left. Yesterday, a pregnant woman was killed by a falling wall. People are sleeping on the street and some in the school building. The government has taken us to court for sleeping in the school building; they have even destroyed churches. There is no food; we are now begging for food. There is no water, no medicine for the sick people. At the moment we even need money to buy something. In the buildings that have not been destroyed, where people can still find shelter, they are crowded together. There could be an outbreak of disease, which could cost even more lives.

Picture sent by residents of the Buduburam refugee camp in the Ghanaian capital Accra

The majority need support to return home, Most of the residents of the refugee camp come from Liberia, others from Sierra Leone, the Ivory Coast and Toto. Many have been here since the civil war, for 34 years, and the same chiefs who live with us are now coming to demolish our house, what else can we trust in Ghana?

But some children were born here and have lost their parents. They have no one to stay with in Liberia, but they all want to return. We hope that it is better for us at home now than to stay in Ghana again. We need support for all of us so that we can return home.

Today 7 pm (Ghana 5 pm) Zoom conversation via this link:

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