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Activists from Cameroon, Algeria, Ghana, US and Germany networking: Fix our countries! Fix our world

We are taking up the initiative from Ghana: There, mainly young people have started the initiative "Fix the country". Through a nationwide union, the movement wants to help fix the country for its people, to create decent living conditions for all, not just the privileged. In the past months, some activists from several countries got to know each other and started exchanging information and opinions with this first meeting. We want to use this to broaden our expertise to be able to contribute more to

- putting our different countries in order

- to put in order the international relations between our countries

- Tackle the global challenges that we as humanity can only solve together at the international level.

- to support each other in these activities

After this first meeting, we will meet again on 18 September at 7pm CET for the next international roundtable. You can join us via this ZOOM link:

We will exchange information about the latest developments in our countries and on a global level. We will continue to discuss to what extent the treaties or objectives adopted after the Second World War for the shaping of the post-war order can give us orientation for putting our countries and the world in order.

Here we have some links on the development of Fix the country in Ghana and our intentions and the documents, also in preparation for the next meeting:

If we want to survive as mankind, we need the big throw: A world without fear and hardship for all.

"Fix the country, fix the world!" Let`s Fix our countries and our world! Awakening in Ghana

Fix the country: Can the new basic-democratic movement bring a change for the neglected majority

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