New policy of détente is urgent because the threat of a new "Worldwar" is real: how to enforce it?

We are in acute danger of world war and it is likely to keep us on tenterhooks for years and decades. It is driving armament, and with it climate change, and it is gobbling up the resources we need to protect the climate and social human rights. What activities can we, who see this danger and do not want to accept it, take? This is what we want to discuss at the Peace Workshop on Friday 3 December (new term) at 7pm on ZOOM at: At this workshop we will speak English because we want to promote international networking above all.

Here are the reasons why we believe the threat of world war is real and peace action is dingal:

  1. Dangers of acute clashes in the "Indo-Pacific region" between US and Chinese warships.

  2. The experience of near-nuclear wars due to technical failure in tense times.

  3. The real threat to US-led Western domination by China and Russia and the refusal of the US and the West to create a world of equals: if it remains peaceful, China will overtake the US economically and will thus also get the higher political and military means (if no multipolar order succeeds)

  4. The West's driven rearmament (with a new US record arms budget) and encirclement of Russia and China.

  5. The weakening of capacities for peaceful conflict resolution and dismantling of achieved disarmament agreements

  6. The experience of the escalation of most great power conflicts for global dominance in the past 500 years.

We want to discuss our options for action as answers to these challenges: What measures can lead to détente, how can we achieve it?

Reiner Braun from the International Peace Bureau (IPB) and the campaign "Disarm instead of Rearm" will give a keynote speech on this at 6 pm. He had also given the speech at the Easter-Peace-March in Wanfried.

If you already know that you would like to make a contribution of max. 5 minutes, you can register for it, so that we can provide you for the event:

Peace workshop on Friday 3 December at 7 pm on ZOOM at

Info, register:

On Saturday, 11 December, we will continue the discussion on implementing what we have heard for Networking for Détente at 1 pm.

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