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Five past twelve: End war(s)! Focus on climate protection and social security worldwide for all.

Every day it is five past twelve for the members of our one human family who lose their lives in war zones, through starvation or inadequate health care. But now, around the world, we are all threatened. By the war in Ukraine, in which nuclear-armed great powers face each other, and the increasingly dangerous effects of climate change. If we want to ensure the survival of humanity, we need an end to the Ukraine war (as well as all other wars) as soon as possible. The loss of human life and the suffering that it brings, including to the families of the victims of war, must end. The killing and dying and the destroying and wasting of public funds on war and rearmament must end in the interest of our one human family.

For three reasons:

1.) Every human being has the right to life, to live in dignity. It is therefore our task to defend every life together.

2.) We need all our strength to change our way of life in such a way that a life-enabling climate is maintained. This can only be done if everyone and especially the big countries work together for this. They and the companies based in them bear the main responsibility for the attack on our climate. And they will only be able to cooperate if even more trust between the states and peoples of the world is not destroyed. The wars must be ended as quickly as possible through ceasefires via negotiations. This is what we should demand from politics in our interest as a human family.

3.) We need the public means to dry up the ground for war and violence and to use it for peace: This requires securing social prospects and social security worldwide for all. Then hardly anyone will be tempted to risk their lives in war and violence. This connection between social security and peace was recognized on paper by the states after both world wars and then not acted upon; with the founding of the International Labor Organization (ILO) and in the UN Charter (Art. 55 and 56).

The prevailing structures in politics, economy and society favor the prevention of peace, social security and climate protection, because such measures contradict the dominant individual interests of economic and political actors. For the millions around the world who love peace and justice, these structures make it extremely difficult to achieve success. From their point of view, the dominant forces act rationally in order to assert themselves in the global system, because this is characterized by the interest in a maximum increase of wealth and by the national egoism of the states, the ruthless assertion of interests against weaker states. These structures contradict the basic principles of international law of the UN Charter and the Universal Declaration of Human Rights, the UN Civil Covenant and the UN Social Covenant (links below). These have as their principle the creation of decent lives for all members of our one Human Family. The structures needed to shape our countries and the world according to these humane principles are still too weak.

The representatives of privileged groups and states use their great economic power to influence public opinion and to build lobbies in political parties and administrations. Now they are restricting even more the democratic space that societies have fought for over the past centuries. Because the policies they impose are becoming experientially more and more unsatisfactory and dangerous for societies, they want to prevent the formation of resistance in this way.

Now we need people all over the world who dare to oppose this and bring in our interest in a humane life and our survival as humanity and demand the measures necessary for this. And we need forces that network to form political opinions in order to be able to achieve change, and to create democratic majorities for the necessary measures for peace, climate protection and social security.

The world is in disarray. (Almost) everyone is feeling that now. But it is not enough to see it. Forces for creating order are urgently needed, and people who feel responsible for creating it.

We are therefore taking up an initiative from Ghana. There, Ghanaians have fought for democratic space to denounce unjust measures taken by the rulers, to make the problems of the underprivileged a public issue, and to join forces for alternatives.

They call their initiative "Fix the country." This grassroots democratic association is non-partisan and non-partisan, peaceful and creative.

In order to overcome the challenges described above, which in the end affect us all worldwide, we need such movements in every country, in every region. And we can do this best by learning from and with each other how it can be done and by supporting each other.

We therefore propose to network locally, nationally and globally in our countries and to establish the network "Let's Fix our countries! Let's Fix our world!" network.

Get in touch if you want to build it with us:

Godwin Kweku Tetteh Maulepe, dedicated to Fix the Country in Ghana,, mobile: 00233244173118

Wolfgang Lieberknecht, engaged for the international PeaceFactory Wanfried

The acute danger situation describes very well the US-American and world citizen Prof. Noam Chomsky (21) Special Noam Chomsky Interview: Most Dangerous Point in World History? - YouTube

Chomsky: Rational debate is the only chance to escape nuclear war and climate destruction (

more about "fix the country" in Ghana:

Deriving the Conditions for Peace from History: Civilizational Hexagon - Whywar

Get in touch if you want to build it with us:

Godwin Kweku Tetteh Maulepe, committed member of Fix the Country in Ghana, mobile: 00233244173118

Wolfgang Lieberknecht, as a committed person for the international PeaceFactory Wanfried in Germany

mobile: 004917643773328.

The international treaties we refer to and want to help enforce and implement.

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