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Call: Politicians do not fail again: you had the task to solve the conflicts peacefully: Stopp war!

We propose to start a global campaign to end the war in Ukraine with this appeal and the formation of peace circles, which publicly with candles address the politicians, media and fellow citizens:inside in this sense

The politicians of the countries involved in the conflict in Ukraine have failed and continue to fail today, especially the politicians in Ukraine, Russia, the USA and Europe. That is why many people are now losing their lives, their apartments and houses, their cities, their homes. That is why existential insecurity is growing worldwide, prices are rising, it is becoming increasingly difficult for many to survive. And the war is aggravating the climate crisis and devouring more and more of the money we need to improve living conditions: You forget how many are still starving, have no access to education and health care. The money you are now spending on armaments could save the lives of many people.

According to the UN Charter, your task is to resolve conflicts by peaceful means. You have failed to do that, and by that we mean politicians on all sides, not just Russia.

Here again as a reminder of your duties under international law, Article 2.3 of the UN Charter: "All members shall settle their international disputes by peaceful means in such a manner as not to endanger international peace, security and justice."

We demand that you stop the dying. Silence the guns immediately. Negotiate to find solutions that fairly consider the interests of all parties. Talk until there is a result. We will pay you for it. Do not burn any more people.

But the media have also failed, failing to push politicians toward fair compromises. On the contrary, they have often poured oil on the fire and are still doing so. Se should also look inside themselves and put themselves in the shoes of the families who are now losing their fathers, children, brothers and sisters.

And we citizens have also failed to make ourselves knowledgeable, to commit ourselves to fair relations and to help prevent conflicts from escalating. After all, we know from the world wars the suffering they bring.

The end of the Cold War was brought to an end with the adoption of the Charter of Paris: In it, the states decided in 1990 to build a new common Europe together with Russia/Soviet Union with democracy, the rule of law and a social market economy (PARIS90G.PDF (

Many of us had thought that with this we would have lasting peace and we would not have to work for it anymore. We underestimated the difficulties of transforming a world divided into blocs into a common world and the possible ruptures. They are now escalating with bitter consequences especially in Ukraine, but also the rest of the world.

Now we should all, where we in Europe are even again threatened by a permanent major war, tackle, media, politics and we citizens and take up again the red thread of the Charter of Paris.

In order to admonish the politicians, who ultimately now have to make the decisions, and to call for quick action, we should unite all over the world and publicly set a sign with candles: We demand from you politicians, our employees, to agree on ways to stop the dying and to live together sustainably and in peace.

If you want to join this call, get in touch:

Dr. Bruno Kern, theologian,

for the Ecosocialism Initiative

Godwin Kweku Tetteh Maulepe, Fix the country, Ghana

Wolfgang Lieberknecht International PeaceFactory Wanfried

Initiatoren des geplanten Netzwerkes Let´s fix our countries! Let´s fix our world!

Goals of our initiative to Fix our world and Fix our countries.

We invtite you, if you want to engage for our goals, to join!

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