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Build a non-partisan democratic alliance in society and hold politics accountable for peace policy.

Form non-partisan forums in constituencies as a way to GOVERNMENTS OF THE PEOPLE, BY THE PEOPLE, FOR THE PEOPLE - the core of democracy

The International PeaceFactory Wanfried, together with other peace initiatives and the trade unions and pastors from the constituency, has founded a non-party constituency forum for peace: Forum 169. We consider the founding of such forums, which are not concerned with party politics but with uniting for content across party lines, to be a way that the interests of the "little people" can be brought to bear more strongly in politics, perhaps also in other states. Through them, we can also help elect politicians - regardless of party affiliation - who are most committed to the issues. We have translated the article pasted below from the newspaper of the region where the International PeaceFactory Wanfried is based:

Peace policy: Forum wants to ask questions

Constituency 169: Movement seeks supporters among Bundestag candidates

Wanfried - "The Bundestag election gives us in constituency 169 the chance to get involved in big politics." This is the conclusion of Forum 169 after its online meeting. That is why they now want to work out questions on peace policy together to the candidates for the Bundestag in constituency 169. The next meeting is scheduled for 29 July.

In constituency 169 (Hersfeld-Rotenburg and Werra-Meißner), three peace initiatives, the German Federation of Trade Unions and pastors have formed the non-party constituency forum "Forum 169". The aim of the alliance is that, over time, politicians will be elected to the Bundestag from the constituencies who respect international law and do not pursue national- or Western-bloc-egoist policies. "National-egoist and Western bloc-egoist policies after 1945 and intensified in the past decades have led our world further and further into chaos," says Wolfgang Lieberknecht, spokesperson of the Forum in the Wera-Meißner district. "We want to remain in dialogue with the representatives of the constituency on peace policy issues in parliament after the election," says Wolfgang Lieberknecht from Wanfried, who founded the Peace Factory here. The next meeting of Forum 169 will take place on Thursday, 29 July, at 7 pm - again online.

The link to participate can be requested via the e-mail address The jointly decided questions are then to be sent to the candidates. Before the election date on 26 September, Forum 169 invites the candidates once again to an online discussion on peace policy and the closely related climate policy.

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