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Anti-Capitalist Chronicles: How Do We Break from Neo-Liberalism?

In this final episode of Season 3, Prof. Harvey talks about the history of Neo-Liberalism and how it relates to post-modernism. Trump's imposition of what is the truth, with his notion of alternative facts, is in many ways, a triumph of post-modernity. Harvey underscores the importance of exposing the activities of the ruling class, who are really behind Neo-liberal ideas and policies and conveniently remain dissociated from them in a concerted effort to protect their wealth and power. David Harvey's Anti-Capitalist Chronicles is a@Democracy At Work production. To our supportive and generous Patreon community: thank you for supporting this podcast. Your contributions help us compensate the staff and workers it takes to put each episode together. Thank you for being part of the ACC team! If you would like to support this project and see more of Prof. Harvey, visit us at David Harvey's new book "Anti-Capitalist Chronicles" available at

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